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“Let’s take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”

Jim Rohn

Welcome to a new age
The Steigenberger Golf & Spa Resort Camp de Mar offers you a unique place for rest and relaxation. In the 1400 sqm beauty and wellness area, you may enjoy our modern saunas, a relaxation area, a fitness studio with modern equipment and a large indoor pool, all at your full disposal.

Our beauty and body concept is unique and the most up-to-date that you will find.

MEDICAL BEAUTY CAMP DE MAR feel and see the difference
In our current time, appearance plays an important role. Stress, a hectic lifestyle and pressure leave their marks on the skin and put greater strain on our body, especially on our joints and muscles. Sport activities are essential for being fit, but overloading the body can result in injuries.

Do you recognise yourself in the above?

We would like to offer a perfect solution during your stay. Results are guaranteed, even if your body is in the best possible condition. Our treatments can be adapted to your wishes and specific needs. Our aim is to treat you according to our holistic concept that will fully contribute to your wellbeing.